Mentor Protege and Emerging Contractor Program

In 1998, Eugene developed and implemented his first Mentor Protégé program designed to strategically address the capacity and capability issues associated with many of the smaller firms he would attempt to utilize on his major projects.  Since then he has developed an Emerging Contractors Program

Eugene has conducted mentoring programs in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, Nashville TN, and Phoenix AZ.  Working symphonically, the two programs are designed to bring his experience along with experienced, mature businesses together with small, emerging firms to enhance their professional development, productivity and overall ability to operate at profitable levels.

The Emerging Contractors and Mentor Protégé Programs have served more than 300 firms over the past 14 years. The customizable programs are informal and voluntary, yet structured and educational, to enhance contractors’ relationships with your company, increase the pool of qualified contractors in your area and enhance underutilized firms’ opportunities by systematically overcoming barriers.  The programs use collaboration, customization and structure to address areas of deficiencies and gage level of interest with the intention of moving business to the next level.